Hey Ladies and Gentlemen! We are rocking! While the shows are getting real on our Blockchain Radio Station, we’re also almost finished with our website. A basic version is already online, and we concentrate on finishing the static content while improving minor layout issues. So, here we are, one week later as scheduled, but with massively more dedication in the time at our disposal. We could move on with a few barriers and decide the directive for the following timeframe. And we’re super eager about what it’s coming! But it has to be prepared appropriately, a few things have to come along, and then we can release it: The first roadmap, but for sloths, like a roadmap-a-like, also called slothmap! And in the slothmap, we will find useful information about the plans with Cryptoradio.FM, and Sloth.Buzz! But why Sloth.Buzz? Do you need clarification?

We will Sloth you!

The answer is simple: Sloth.Buzz is News! Sloth.Buzz is Community! Sloth.Buzz is People from all over the world coming together with the best ideas! The Sloth activity is authentic, and so we joined it. Sloth.Buzz is the community that keeps Cryptoradio.FM alive with news and articles, music and shows, podcasts and artworks. These Sloths are buzzing with the right Radio Station on one of the most pleasing Blockchains out there!

Don’t miss out on Hive!

So we build on Hive! Hive is a decentralized social media blockchain built on the same technology as Steem but with a more decentralized governance system. It is well-suited for web3 applications because it has a fast block time, low transaction fees, and a built-in reward system for content creators. Additionally, it has a large and enthusiastic community and various dApps and tools developed on top of its blockchain. Overall, Hive’s combination of technical characteristics and community activity make it a solid choice for web3 developers and users. And so, the ideal choice for Cryptoradio.FM. Especailly for everything that is coming. And believe us, we’re super excited!

We’re 24/7 online on not major platforms!

In this regard we also want to mention VIMM.TV! We love to support and getting supported by new, or smaller, streaming platforms. We use DLive, Kick, and VIMM. We’re super excited about VIMM, and the integrations that already work flawelss over there. We hope that VIMM will also rock in 2023, so that we can focus on this livestreaming platform on Hive. Here we go, we need the followers:


Rock with us!

You will obtain updates on what’s arriving from @patlebo and @slothlydoesit. 2023 will rock! We have many agendas to bring into reality, and the holy slothmap will conduct us! Nothing better to say than stay tuned!