Cryptoradio.FM is a Webradio station located in Switzerland, ultimately going blockchain. Cryptoradio.FM is a community project between PatLeBo & the Sloth.Buzz community, led by SlothlyDoesit. With a daily user base of 300 listeners, we left the licenced way behind in 2022 to focus on promoting and supporting new artists who want to create a fan base in the crypto space. By going the unlicensed path, we can stream content related to crypto. If we moved along the other way, we would have to give up free speech. We’re a bunch of peaceful and enthusiastic sloths. We don’t give up free speech. Never.

Live streaming 24/7

On decentralised streaming platforms.

Today, we can stream to many streaming services 24/7, reaching 300 concurrent listeners on special events – We are building interactivity and gamification into our web-radio station. It will be a blockchain radio station by then because we have left the conventional way of broadcasting.

To go this path, we need you, the artists.

If any artist, label or producer has an issue with any streamed music on Cryptoradio.FM (or its streaming platforms, e.g. VIMM.TV,, Twitch.TV, …), please get in touch with us, and we will remove your work immediately. Thank you!

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We strive for a great radio station with the best and most enjoyable music from great artists! We want to make your crypto journey more beautiful with the shows, podcasts, and music we share!