Hey Ladies and Gentlemen! We are rocking 2023, as promised! But we rock not alone; we need content, artists, decentralised apps, crypto, an economy, oh, so much! But let’s talk about it.

Cryptoradio.FM is a Webradio station located in Switzerland, ultimately going blockchain. Cryptoradio.FM is a community project between PatLeBo & the Sloth.Buzz community, led by SlothlyDoesit. With a daily user base of 300 listeners, we left the licenced way behind in 2022 to focus on promoting and supporting new artists who want to create a fan base in the crypto space. By going the unlicensed path, we can stream content related to crypto. If we moved along the other way, we would have to give up free speech. We don’t give up free speech. Why should we?

How are radio stations giving up free speech?!

If we stay on the licensed path, then we have the following restrictions:

  • No gamification
  • No interactivity
  • Non-Crypto advertising rules
  • Not being able to show the upcoming track*
  • America’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Exclude USA
  • No Album presentations
  • No Crypto at all (or exclude USA)
  • No Raffles

*A (web) radio station is not allowed to show the upcoming track because people then can record the music track illegally with a tape (…)

As you can see, we will have to follow the rules as we had tapes to record, like back in 1980. It’s not our radio station’s job to fix broken government rules that piss down our heads.

Two more rules make one of the essential Cryptoradio.FM shows obsolete:

  1. At most, four tracks by the same featured artist (or from a compilation album) may be transmitted to the same listener within 3 hours (at most, 3 of those tracks may be transmitted consecutively).
  2. At most, three tracks from the same album may be transmitted to the same listener within a 3-hour period (and up to 2 of those tracks may be transmitted consecutively).

One of our successful shows is Raven’s Streaming Cafe. She goes through the Banda Beats albums, explaining something to the artists and the music. We would love to get the Panda Beats albums presented by Raven, but it is impossible if we walk the “old path”. Then, rule number 2, there is no official radio station broadcasting out there that can handle this. There are so many mixed albums out there; it’s impossible to keep that one. Just nobody talks about it. Better keep the rules from 1980.

Only some people can understand the points I’ve mentioned here without going through the licensing stories of a radio station. But generally speaking, the issues within the rules only come up with licenced music. We had to give up gamification, interaction, and everything in our field of interest and knowledge. We’re a bunch of peaceful and enthusiastic sloths that built a radio station. And now we can’t even do what we want with it? How much harm can we cause? That’s just crazy; we know we don’t give up free speech. Why should we?

Today, we can stream to many streaming services 24/7, reaching 300 concurrent listeners on special events – We are building interactivity and gamification into our web-radio station. It will be a blockchain radio station by then because we have left the conventional way of broadcasting. And you can be a part of this.

With this decision, we have to make sure to play music files which we have the right to play for free and without licences attached to the track. Combined with our freshly released about page, the perfect way to upload your music tracks to Cryptoradio.FM! A checkbox is missing with the ToS, but our beloved Sloth is on it. For now, in the beginning: The musicians of our communities can upload their tracks. They don’t charge us to play them; we don’t charge them to promote their music.

Simply simplistic. Have a great one! Upload your music here: