Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, we have news for you! In today’s article from @patlebo, the founder of @cryptoradiofm, we saw how much shit it’s happening in his life, while keeping the Cryptoradio.FM services are up and running. In fact, the radio station had two two-minute interruptions this and last month because of updates we had to install on the stations’ servers.

Technically a few movements are going on at the same time, which @patlebo didn’t talk about in his article. First, we’re rebranding and building the website application from the ground up. This means, the next website release, will also be the application used to listen to the station. Actually, it’s separated in its application, reachable under https://play.cryptoradio.fm, while the website itself, just to have something online with the priority for artists being able to send in their tracks, is on WordPress and as shit as it can be. But, technically, it does its job.

A sneak peek into the app? We’re sorry we’re not able to share screenshots – Nothing has a state where something finished can be shown, except a few lines of code. But what we can say, already is: The radio station app will, as said, have monetisation opportunities like everything else on Hive. You will be able, still planned in Q3 2023, to buy a presale NFT that will be the entry point for the Cryptoradio.FM gamification is on the way. We have, besides @patlebo being the master of disaster, his beloved Sloth @slothlydoesit doing the marketing part as head of the Sloth.Buzz community (which is Cryptoradio.FM‘s home for the community part). And we also have the chief of @gamesundramen actually creating the NFTs for Cryptoradio.FM. We will be able to show a bit of his work in a few weeks maybe.

Till the end of June, because of @patlebo’s time management and relocation, we will have little to nothing to share with you, except the station playlists that are being changed. As of now, we have already a lot of great Hive artists sharing their music pieces with the community. We will keep this focus up, also, so we can provide the fantastic content you, the artists, are delivering. Crptoradio.FM is also active as a GALA Music node. So on the GALA side, we are already on the Gyri Sidechain, while parts of the GALA Network ideas are being implemented over here, on Hive.

And last but not least, a few of us already saw that @patlebo’s Italian alt account @hivenberg is doing something in the direction Italian Hive community. We stay tuned also over there because we plan to have the radio station in three separate languages: English, Italian, and German. What more to say? Stay tuned! That’s it!